W1/D1 Low Impact Total Shred
Welcome lovie, WELCOME!😍 let the fun begin!! We have an amazing 40 day journey ahead! That means 6 weeks of effective workouts for fat burning, muscle training, boosting our metabolism and enhancing our level of fitness. This challenge is carefully designed to utilize a variety of training methods and styles to give the body many types of exercise. You will get a new workout schedule every week and that’s why this challenge is so addicting and fun to do! On the first week we have 5 workouts and you can do them on the days that work best to your own schedule. Low impact doesn't mean easy that's for sure! It means that on all exercises at least one foot stays on the ground. This makes it easier on the joints since there is less impact. No jumping today! Keep the tempo semi high since we want to sweat today and we get to rest always in between sets. Leave a comment when done! Let's support each other!🙌🏼💗 Equipment: Dumbbells and bodyweight. Don’t go too heavy since we do long sets today. I have an amazing $1000 CASH PRIZE for you in this challenge💰️🏆 To have a chance to win: 1. Share your workout pics/videos on Instagram or in our FB group using #trainwithida and tag @idajemina actively throughout the challenge 2. Submit your before-pics before starting the challenge and after-pics when 40 days are done by clicking the Summer Challenge link in the "Insights". Tell me what you liked the most about these 40 days!
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