7 Day Beginner Free Trial: Introduction
Welcome to my app. This is the 7 Day Beginner Free Trial! If you are trying out my app for free and want to try a beginner friendly program this is for you! Again, this is a beginner focused program. If you’re new to the app but find these workouts not as challenging as you would like, feel free to check out any of my other programs (there’s a great run down of what each one entails under the start here highlight). There are 7 workouts in this free trial. All you will need is a light pair of weights (somewhere between 5-15lbs) and 15-25 minutes. The first 3 workouts are follow along style. Meaning my sister and I will do the workout WITH you! My sister will be showing modifications. Workouts 4-7 are tap through style. This is how most of the app is set up. This way you can move through the workout at your own speed. In these workouts, sets, reps, modifications, substitutions, and form instructions are included for each movement. As always feel free to reach out with any question or comment you may have! I’m so honored you are here 💛
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