Protein Pancakes
Pancakes in the morning...or at night in our house! I LOVE a good plate of pancakes, these taste like dessert and are SO great for you! Ingredients: -1 ripe mashed banana -½ cup rolled oats blended into oat flour -1 scoop vanilla protein powder -1 egg + 2 egg whites -almond butter -honey/maple syrup -cinnamon -fresh fruit toppings Instructions: -Blend ½ cup rolled oats into flour (or just use oat flour if you have it!) then in the same blender add the banana, eggs, protein, and a dash of cinnamon. Blend for 30 seconds or until mixed thoroughly. -IF needed, add a splash of water & blend more! -Stir in blueberries or dark chocolate if you want! -Cook on stove top with a little coconut oil! Just dont’t use Canola oil or vegetable oil because it is an inflammatory to your body! -Top with almond butter, fruit and honey! Anything you like! :)
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