💪🏾🔥Living Room Bodyweight BLAST!🔥💪🏾
🔥Bodyweight BLAST to BRING HEAT🔥 ⭐️24 Minutes in my LIVING ROOM💪🏽….Had me dripping sweat💦 in my 62 degree house, while it’s 🥶-10 OUTSIDE! Yikes! How is that possible? Well, you have to try it out to see for yourself! All you need is a set of bands and 5 feet of space to crush this workout! You can get your bands from resistance band training(ones I use) right here: ( This bad boy had me burn over 450 calories in only 24 minutes! Don’t don’t the the cold temps derail your fitness goals! Get up off the couch tonight and try this out! Tag me @mjo_oaf if you dig it! 💪🏽Anyways, here is the workout! Set your timer for :40 of work followed by only :10 seconds of rest! Go STRAIGHT through 4 rounds for a full 24 minute sweat fest! 1️⃣Squat Jacks 2️⃣Pike Push Up To Lateral Bear Crawl 3️⃣Lateral Switch Hop To Shuffle Out Right 4️⃣Lateral Switch Hop To Shuffle Out Left 5️⃣Iso Lunge Band Swimmer Pulls With Jump Every 🖐Pulls 6️⃣Band Resisted Skater Jump 7️⃣See Saw Band Resisted Push Up If you are short on time, cut it to 3 rounds for a killer workout you can do in under 20 minutes! Make sure you subscribe to my channel here to get the full workout! ➡️ #bodyweightblast #livingroomworkout #dontneedfancystuff #sweatcity #coldashell #noexcuses #playbook #oaf #oaffamily #trainsmart #thatisoswmmeristough #deadlegs
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